• Every client will be provided an estimate prior to dropping off their pet for his/her dental procedure. Each estimate will be prepared accurately as possible, based on what our techmctan can see. Full assessment of your pets current oral condition will take place when he/she is placed under general anesthesia. At this time, if it is noticed that extractions, oral surgery, or medications may be needed, the doctor or technician will contact you at the number listed below and will give you a finalized estimate.
  • **In some severe cases, the level of dental and periodontal disease has progressed to such a level, that by cleaning the teeth and removing the plaque, some teeth may actually fall out, without being extracted.
  • PREVENTION ... the Best Medicine!

    Periodontal disease is the biggest problem affecting our pets today. 70% of pets over the age of 3 years have some form of dental disease. Just like us, our pets require a radiograph (x-ray) be taken of the mouth to fully assess the bones that hold the teeth in place, and ensure that there are no root abscess' that we are not visualizing. In doing these radiographs, we can help treat early stages of periodontal disease, so that your pet's teeth will last a lifetime!
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