• **Nail trims are performed complimentary with any anesthetic or sedation
  • A pre-operative blood panel will be performed on ALL patients admitted for a general anesthesia procedure. At the attending doctor's discretion, a pre-operative blood panel may be performed on patients received sedation. This is to ensure your pet's ability to process the anesthesia and to avoid any complications that could arise.

    No patient will have their procedure done without the results of their bloodwork. If there are any concerns the doctor may have with these results, you will be notified immediately via the contact number listed below and the doctor will discuss proceeding with the procedure or provide and alternative treatment plan.
  • Any changes with the estimate you were originally provided will first be approved by you before the doctor and/or technicians proceed.

    If the doctor cannot reach you at the number you have provided us, then he/she will use their professional judgement in deciding what will be best for your pet.
    **This can include extractions, medications and go home treatment(s).
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